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Who is MGS Tremors?

MGS Tremors is the competitive travel ball and summer club program for Marin Girls Softball.  Marin Tremors is open to all registered Marin Girls Softball players and field teams from 8U to 14U. 

MGS Tremors hosts teams with players that range from the elite, to the developing player.   We are incredibly proud of this focus, ensuring that every player that wants to continue developing their competitive softball, has the opportunity to do so.

Our programs start in January (Tremors Black), May (Tremors Gold and Club), and September (Tremors Fall Ball). 

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MGS Tremors has played a very special role in the path these players have taken to college.  For all these players, their first experience of travel ball softball was with MGS Tremors.  We are incredibly proud of the journey they have all taken.


Sophia Everett (2025) - UC Berkeley
Megan Murphy (2023) - Aurora University 

Georgia Pineda (2023) - Emory University
Sammy Horn (2023) - Boston College

Sadie Leonard (2022) - Williams College
Rose Malen (2022) - Chapman University 

Mia Kessinger (2021) - Haverford College
Vivian Johnson (2021) - St. Lawrence University

Rebecca Fong - University of Hawaii
Kassidy Stetler - California State University Monterey Bay
Elodie Townsend - Smith College
Kim Scarsella - Cornell University
Aria Pogni - Loyola Marymount University
Anne-Marie Iker - Amherst College
Shawn McCullough - Feather River College
Sami Mericle – Oberlin College

There are many more, and we're working on building an appropriate tribute to all our MGS Tremors alumni.  Please forward any additional names and the college they are or did attend.


MGS Tremors Gold Summer Travel Ball Tryouts

Congratulations to all the players who attended tryouts.  It takes courage to attend tryouts, especially your first one.   If you didn't make a travel ball team this summer, don't be discouraged.  We had many strong players try out - over 100 - and for many of them, it took two or three tryouts to make a team.  If you love softball it's just a matter of when, not if, you'll make a travel ball team.   If you're looking for more softball fun this season, consider signing up for the Tremors Club program.  


Tremors will be forming teams in 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.  These teams will compete in five "C" level tournaments around the Bay Area.

There are 2 to 3 practices per week (2 during tournament weeks).  Players participate in up to 6 games per tournament.  Great coaches, great families, and a lot of fun for the players.

If your player loves softball, this is a great way to continue developing their softball skills over the summer.

Marin Summer Slam

Check out the link below to the website for our Marin Summer Slam tournament powered by Marin Tremors! 

Tremors 14U Black Watsonville Gold Bracket Champions July 25, 2021

14U Black 1st Place Gold Bracket Champions Watsonville July 25, 2021

8U at State Championships Opening Ceremonies San Diego July 12, 2019

Tremors Club Rules

Here are all the rules for Tremors Club 2024! 

Club ball


The registration for the Tremor Club season has closed however we are taking names on the waitlist.  Players will generally find out within 48hrs if we have space on a team.

The Registration "MGS TREMORS " is not currently available.

What is the difference between Travel Ball and Club Ball?

Two distinct softball programs tailored to different player commitments and skill levels: the Club Ball program and the Travel Ball program.

Club Ball Program:

Purpose: This program is ideal for players who are developing their skills and may not be ready for travel ball commitments or those whose families are unavailable during the summer.

Teams Formation: Teams are geographically formed.

Age Groups: Available for 8U, 10U, and 12U players.

Schedule: Teams practice once a week and play back-to-back games on Saturday mornings.

Game Play: The game rules align with those used in travel ball, facilitating continued player development.

Registration: Open enrollment without tryouts, but players must sign up by May 19th.

Travel Ball Program:

Purpose: Geared towards players deeply passionate about softball, this program involves more competitive and frequent gameplay.

Teams Formation: Players must demonstrate their skills at tryouts to be selected.

Age Groups: Open to 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U players.

Schedule: Teams practice 2 to 3 times per week and participate in 5 to 6 local tournaments in the North Bay area.

Game Play: Each tournament can include up to six games, providing extensive playtime and competitive experience.

Tryouts: Players must attend tryouts on April 28th to qualify for team selection.

Key Differences

The Club Ball program does not require tryouts and has a more relaxed schedule with once-a-week practices and games only on Saturdays, making it suitable for players looking for less commitment.

The Travel Ball program demands a higher commitment with more frequent practices and multi-game tournaments, designed for players who are more serious about advancing their competitive softball skills.



MGS Tremors Black is the most competitive team program for MGS Tremors.  Teams compete in Open, A and B tournaments around the Bay Area and state. 

To learn more about our Tremors Black program, click here.

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MGS Tremors Gold

MGS Tremors Gold is our Summer Travel Ball program.  Kicking off right after the completion on the MGS recreation season, the MGS Tremors Gold program is the core of MGS Tremors.  

To learn more about our  Tremors Gold program, click here.

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MGS Tremors Club

MGS Tremors Club program is for players who are developing their game, or are not quite ready for the commitment of Travel Ball.  Our Club program is one of the most popular programs we conduct each year. 

To learn more about the Marin Tremors program, click here.

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Tremors 12U Black play under lights, finishing 3rd in the Double Double AST Tournament on April 6/7

16U Black takes 1st Place NorCal All-Star Tournament July 18, 2021

8U takes 1st Place Petaluma Father's Day June 16, 2019

12U Black won Silver 1st Place CSA Incline Village, NV July 11, 2021

10U Gold takes Silver 2nd Place CSA Napa/Vacaville June 9, 2019

12U '05 Team wins 2018 Rohnert Park Rebel Classic July 22, 2018!

12U '06 Team takes Silver 2nd Place in Napa June 10, 2018

12U Black takes 2nd Place Wine Country Classic Windsor June 9, 2019

10U B Team takes 2nd Place Windsor July 1 2018

16U Black took Silver 2nd Place San Ramon June 27, 2021

8U Team wins 1st Place Wine Country Classic Windsor June 9, 2019

12U Gold takes Silver 2nd Place CSA Napa/Vacaville June 9, 2019

10U C Team takes 2nd Place San Jose July 8 2018

12U Gold takes Silver 1st Place San Jose Bagby Classic June 16, 2019

12U Gold takes Silver 1st Place San Jose Bagby Classic June 16, 2019

14U Black takes 1st Place Benecia Firecracker Invitational July 7, 2019

10U Gold takes Silver 2nd Rohnert Park Rebel Classic July 18, 2021

10U Black takes 2nd Place CSA Incline Village, NV June 16, 2019

10U Black takes 2nd Place Wine Country Classic Windsor June 9, 2019

Fall 10U take Napa tournament Sept 16 2018

10U Team takes Silver 1st Place in Napa Sept 16, 2018

8U Team takes 2nd Place Windsor July 1 2018

10U Black takes Gold 2nd Place AST Queen of the Hill Martinez April 14, 2019