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About Marin Tremors

What is Marin Tremors?

Marin Tremors is a competitive travel ball softball program of Marin Girls Softball.  We believe that every player that wants to continue their softball development after the recreation season, should have an opportunity to do so.   This includes the experienced competitive travel ball players, and the players who love the game, and are looking to further their skills.  

Marin Tremors has four programs during the season. Click on the heading below to learn more about each program.

Marin Tremors Black

Marin Tremors Gold

Marin Tremors Club

Marin Tremors Fall Ball

For more information about Marin Tremors Travel Ball, Club Ball, Fall Ball, Sponsorships, or Financial Aid, please contact:

Murray Dunn

Chair, Marin Tremors Committee

Phone: 415 686 4858

Marin Tremors Vision

Click here to learn about our vision for Marin Tremors, and the progress we're making to get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a list of the frequently asked questions about the Marin Tremors Program.