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Who Are We?

Marin Girls Softball League is a volunteer-driven recreational league for youth fast pitch softball in Central and Southern Marin County. We are a recreational program - any age-eligible child can register and all registered kids play. 

This website is the central location for all League, Travel Ball, and District news.  At this site, players, parents, family and friends can get updated information about the MGSL, our Tremors Travel Ball teams, and about local Districts. Bookmark this site and come back often and regularly to stay current with all of the news related to players, teams, schedules, standings, clinics and other relevant information. We will update this page regularly to keep all MGSL participants and interested people up to date on our softball league.


All districts will open registration November 1, 2018 for the 2019 season.  Check out district pages to see your district.  You must register for the district you live in, or where your school is located. 

Age Division Overview

Age is based on child's age on January 1 leading into Spring season.
Players 5 and 6 years old as of January 1st of the calendar year 
T-Ball and some coach pitch
Players 7 and 8 years old as of January 1st of the calendar year
Some girl pitch, some coach pitch
Players 9 and 10 years old as of January 1st of the calendar year
Girl fast pitch, some coach pitch
Players 11 and 12 years old as of January 1st of the calendar year
Girl fast pitch
Players 13 - 15 years old as of January 1st of the calendar year
Girl fast pitch

MGS email contact

(individual districts check your own page above)


Send text to this number: 40404  

Type in : Follow mgsrainout

You will be a member for all MGS fields.  If a field is closed (even if it is not yours) it will be texted to you as a follower.  You need to read carefully to make sure it is your field as you are a member of the whole of MGS!  If you do not get text saying a field is closed-- assume it is open. We are only texting closures. 

If you subscribed to this text line in 2017, you do not need to re-subscribe. 

mgsrainout Marin Girls Softball mgsrainout



Log into your Sport Engine account.

Find your team page and game schedule.

Toggle the Edit Mode (left side of page) to ON.

Each game will now show QS next to it.  

Click QS, update game status (final) and input the score, hit save


(a forfeit is scored as 1-0; a weekend rainout is scored as a 1-1 tie)


Congratulations to all our Summer and Travel Ball Players, Coaches, Team Managers, Volunteers, and Committee Members.   The 2018 season was our best one to date, and 2019 has some very exciting new developments.  More to come on that soon.

Remember, in order to qualify for Marin Tremors, you must be an MGS Rec League player.  Registration for the 2019 Recreation Season is open now.