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2018 Registration

Register Here


Registration has been extended to January 15th!!! 

When is registration?
You must register and pay the registration fees between November 1 - December 15th.  There is a $25 late fee for registrations and payments received after January 15.  Also, we accept late registrations after the deadline only so long as space on teams is available.

How much does it cost?

  • 6U - $250
  • 8U - $275
  • 10U - $295
  • 12U - $300
  • 15U - $300


What are the age divisions? 
Girls are assigned to a Division by age, not grade.  Age group is based on the player's age as of January 1 of that calendar year.  For example: if your daughter is 10 as of January 1, 2018 but turns 11 January 2nd, 2018, she will be placed in the 10u division. If she has turned 11 by or on January 1st, she will be placed in the 12u division. 

Girls will be allowed by TCGS to 'play up' (in an older bracket) if they are deemed qualified, but specific requests to the Marin Girls Softball Board of Directors will need to be filed if a girl desires to 'play down' (into the age group below her age group).   Example: a skilled 8 year old may be allowed to play 10U, but an 11 year old may not be able to play 10U.  

  • 6U: T-ball, some coach pitch
  • 8U: Coach slow pitch, some girls pitch
  • 10U: Girls fast pitch
  • 12U: Girls fast pitch
  • 15U: Girls fast pitch

If you have a question or concern about what age division your daughter should play in, please send us an email at:

I cannot afford the fees. Can my daughter still play?
Aid is funded by additional donations from league families and is available based on individual circumstance. Please contact TCGS,, on a confidential basis to discuss your situation.

Are there discounts for multiple family members/sisters?
Yes.  Your oldest daughter will pay the full amount for her age group.  Any younger daughter (including twins) will receive a $50 discount from the registration fees for her age division.  Please contact TCGS,, to discuss your situation.