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Who can play? 
All girls, ages 5 to 15, who live or attend school in Larkspur or Corte Madera.  15-year old girls are eligible to play if they are not playing softball for a high school team.  

What is the time commitment? 

  • 6U: Saturday game plus 60-minute midweek practice.
  • 8U: Saturday game plus 60-90 minute midweek practice and some Sundays.
  • 10U: Saturday game; midweek game; Sunday practice; some midweek practices (90 minutes).
  • 12U: Saturday game; midweek game; Sunday practice; midweek practice (90 minutes-2 hours).
  • 15U: Saturday game; midweek game; Sunday practice; midweek practice (2 hours).

Are there tryouts?
No; everyone makes a team.  There are no "cuts".  However, there is a skills evaluation session for 10u, 12u and 15u (if there are more than two teams) which will take place prior to team formation.  As a recreational league, we welcome all players and offer experienced coaching to help all improve their skills. The skills evaluation is to better assist the league in creating parity among the teams.

How are teams selected?

  • 6U and 8U: Players are assigned where possible based on stated friend or coach preference, or at random if no preference is expressed. It is important to note we will try, but cannot guarantee, to honor at least one friend or coach preference.
  • 10U: Selected through a draft process following skills assessment, with an eye toward ensuring all 10U teams have parity with pitchers and catchers.
  • 12U and 15U: If there is more than one team in these divisions, players are drafted following skills assessment, with an aim toward competitive balance.  

TCGS encourages teams with a mix of schools and grades, on the basis that an important benefit of youth sports is making new friends as well as playing with old ones.

Can parents volunteer to be a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach?
Again, YES PLEASE! Send an e-mail to:

Can I sponsor a team or the League?
Sponsorships are a  key part of funding the league - buying equipment for the girls, maintaining Piper Park and the Batting Cage and helping to lower registration fees.  Should you wish to sponsor the league or a team, or get information on sponsorship, please contact Dave Mungenast via email at

Can I make a donation to the League?
YES, PLEASE!  We are a subsidiary of Marin Girls Softball, a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation should be tax deductible.  Please contact us HERE if you would like to donate to TCGS.

When does the league play?
Opening Day is generally in middle to late March. Games continue in most age divisions through the middle of May, followed by playoffs for 10U, 12U and 15U.

What is Travel Softball?
There are many opportunities for girls to participate in summer and fall competitive softball programs which are selected on a tryout basis. Please see the Travel Ball Teams page on our website for more information on these programs.